We go into the final evening with a close battle for the inaugural winner of the Dartsnews.com Premier League VIP Prediction League with Keith Deller halving the gap between himself and Laure James for the top spot in the leader board.

The rules are very simple, Every week the VIPs predict the results of the subsequent round of the Premier League Darts. Choosing the right winner gives one point, and correct result garners three points.

The participants do not have to fear a ‘Judgement Night’. Everyone plays along to the Play-Offs, which will be played in London on Thursday 17 May. The one who has collected the most points after the final evening wins the VIP prediction competition.

Deller himself added 3 points last Thursday this was compared with James who added no points but the former World Champion like all players will be restricted to 9 points due to the nature of the playoffs so might be hoping for a final barren week for James.

The 3rd and 4th in the table, Jerry Hendriks and Vincent van der Voort also added no further points meaning that the race for 3rd is still alive.

Mark Webster rose in points adding 3 points like Deller and as a result sits just behind the duo now bringing him back towards the top.

Chris Mason added no points but Kim Huybrechts and finally Ron Meulenkamp both added 3 points each meaning good weeks for most players.

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Author: Samuel Gill