Matthew Dennant nearly ended Glen Durrant’s passage through to a Tour Card in January and since then Duzza has gone on to produce world class darts but it could have been so much different.

‘The Scholar’ was 4-2 up on Durrant and had match darts at double 16 to win; but was pegged back in the end and Durrant went on to lose to Kirk Shepherd in the Last 16; he secured his Tour Card in the process.

Speaking recently to Ben Hudd for DartsPlanet.TV; Dennant said that having a Tour Card before meant that he just concentrated on his own darts with the belief that he could beat anyone.

“I wouldn’t have entered Q-School if I didn’t think I was good enough to win a tour card,” he said to DartsPlanet.TV. “I’ve had one before after qualifying though Q-School so there’s no reason it wouldn’t happen again.”

“I’ve always believed I’m good enough to beat anyone, so I wasn’t thinking anything different to how I’d normally play,”

“I just went up and concentrated on my own darts.

“I was 4-2 up and left 32 after 12 darts so I’d done all the hard work, then I wired it with all three darts and Glen checked out.

Changing World Darts in one match

Dennant went on to say that in the end his quality shone through and as a result the game got away from him. He added though that he has been unable to forget missing darts at double 16 to win due to his mates saying that he has now changed World Darts.

“His quality shone through in the next, he went out in 11. The deciding leg was poor from my perspective, I was around the treble instead of in it and the game got away from me.”

“It’s a strange one,” he added. “My mates don’t let me forget the missed darts at double 16 and they’ve said that by missing those darts I’ve changed world darts because ‘Duzza’ is doing what he’s doing now and that there’ll be a new BDO world champion next year.

“But, it’s not the first or only game I’ve ever lost after missing doubles it’s just because of what Glen’s achieving now that it’s being remembered more.”

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Author: Samuel Gill