We have our third winner of the weekend at PDC Challenge Tour and that is Matthew Dennant who is now a two-time winner on the secondary tour.

Dennant who last won a title back in 2013 defeated Nathan Rafferty in a last leg decider in which he averaged 92 overall.

This came after wins over Adam Jenkinson (5-0), Martin Atkins (5-3), Richie Howson (5-4), Dave Parletti (5-3), Connor Scutt (5-3), Cameron Menzies (5-1) and Gordon Mathers (5-3) meaning it was not an easy day by any means for ‘The Scholar’.

He joins Robert Collins and Scott Mitchell in the winners’ circle this weekend with one more tournament left to go.

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Gordon Mathers 5 | 1 Paul Williams
Matthew Dennant 5 | 1 Cameron Menzies
James Hubbard 5 | 2 Boris Koltsov
Nathan Rafferty 5 | 4 Graham Usher

Matthew Dennant 5 | 3 Gordon Mathers
Nathan Rafferty 5 | 1 James Hubbard

Matthew Dennant 5 | 4 Nathan Rafferty

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Author: Samuel Gill