Des Jacklin

Jacklin reveals former BDO Chairman Williams questioned as part of fraud investigation

Current BDO Chairman, Des Jacklin recently sent out a letter to all counties denying any wrongdoing

Samuel Gill Thursday 2 July 2020

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin denies any “wrongdoing” regarding reduced prize fund at BDO World Championship

BDO Chairman Des Jacklin has released a statement denying any wrongdoing regarding the reduced

Samuel Gill Wednesday 1 July 2020

Current BDO World Champion Wayne Warren believes chairman Des Jacklin “should be taken to court”

Current BDO World Champion Wayne Warren has been critical of the current state of the BDO

Samuel Gill Wednesday 24 June 2020

Jacklin sends scathing letter out regarding UKDA and Tri-Nations proposals: “Desires of stealing away a 47 year business”

Des Jacklin has sent a letter to all counties regarding the proposals given by the UKDA (United

Samuel Gill Sunday 7 June 2020

Kleermaker doesn’t need a ‘kick up the backside’ anymore due to PDC Home Tour

Martijn Kleermaker made the switch to the PDC at the beginning of this year to compete against the

Pieter Sunday 26 April 2020