Despite a final place on the first day of the European Q-School, Dirk van Duijvenbode had to wait three days to get his Tour Card. The Dutchman lost on Thursday in the final against Jeffrey de Zwaan. After three days of trudging, Van Duijvenbode managed to secure a return on the PDC circuit on Sunday with three wins.

After a 5-1 victory over Kenny Neyens in the third round, the Tour Card was confirmed. Van Duijvenbode then won with the same figures against Christian Bunse, but lost to Vincent Kamphuis in the last sixteen. The latter would later win a Tour Card as the fifth Dutchman.

“Playing four days is tough. Four times early and always throw well. The fourth day was scoring, given my best day. Once had five 180-scores in seven scoring innings. ”

“The last match was a bit less. I knew that I had my Tour Card, Kamphuis threw well and I had peace with it “, ‘The Titan’ refers to his 5-3 loss to his compatriot in the fifth round.

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Author: Samuel Gill