The PDC Summer Series begins in a few weeks time and one player who has been playing more than most is Chris Dobey.

Dobey has been playing in multiple online lockdown tournaments and so will hope to be ready ahead of five straight Players Championship events.

He admitted that while it’s been good, it’s been done for a purpose as he said players will be found out if they don’t put the work in.

“It’s been good; I think I’ve only had maybe a week off in the whole lockdown. So I’ve been playing pretty much,” said Dobey in an interview with Online Darts.

“Then lucky enough the PDC Home Tour came about, and that went well. We got to do the little warm-up for that as well. It was nice for me.

“To be playing more streamed games from it’s been great as long as it’s been keeping my arm going.”

I think my form is going pretty well I’ve been playing nonstop, I’ve only had a few days off, and I’ll be ready for the off, and I think my form will be there. It’s just about taking my little dart room on to the Pro Tour.”

“You’ll soon see the people that haven’t practice over lockdown they will be found out straight away. You have to of had decent practice; otherwise, you will be found out,” he added.

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

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Author: Samuel Gill