The draw has been released for the first European Tour qualifier of the day for the tenth event in the form of the Austrian Darts Championship.

Among the players involved in the first qualifier include Mervyn King, Glen Durrant and Corey Cadby. Due to player numbers, the seeded players get byes in the first round and they play down to a winner on each board who will qualify for the respective European Tour event. You can follow the results of the qualifier here.

Approximate Timings

1200 – ET9 UK Qualifier Begins (click here for round-up)
1430 approx – ET10 UK Qualifier Begins
1700 approx – ET9 European Tour Card Holder Qualifier Begins
1900 approx – ET10 European Tour Card Holder Qualifier Begins

Click here for more information about the Pro Tour.

Draw PDC European Tour UK Qualifier 10

Board 1
B1T72Durrant, Glenvs.
Gilding, Andrew
B1T72Cadby, Coreyvs.
Carroll, Shaun
Board 2
B2T144Robinson, Reecevs.Evetts, Ted
B2T72King, Mervynvs.
Dennant, Matthew
Board 3
B3T144Rowley, Paulvs.
Richardson, James
B3T72Bunting, Stephenvs.Rydz, Callan
Board 4
B4T144Boulton, Andyvs.
Beveridge, Darren
B4T72Dobey, Chrisvs.
Worsley, Jonathan
Board 5
B5T144Carlin, Gavinvs.
Lynskey, Patrick
B5T72Henderson, Johnvs.Newell, Tony
Board 6
B6T144Barilli, Markvs.
Mitchell, Tony
B6T72O’Connor, Williamvs.
Garcia, Kevin
Board 7
B7T144Dootson, Eddievs.
Hudson, Peter
B7T72Wilson, Jamesvs.
Barnard, Michael
Board 8
B8T144Taylor, Scottvs.
Borland, William
B8T72Brown, Keeganvs.
Ladley, David
Board 9
B9T144Brooks, Bradleyvs.
Menzies, Cameron
B9T72West, Stevevs.Gray, Adrian
Board 10
B10T144Chalmers, Andyvs.
Burton, Stephen
B10T72Anderson, Kylevs.
Atkins (Leeds), Martin
Board 11
B11T144Killington, Georgevs.
Derry, Nathan
B11T72Searle, Ryanvs.
Shepherd, Kirk
Board 12
B12T144Burness, Kevinvs.
McGeeney, Mark
B12T72Smith, Rossvs.Clark, Matt
Board 13
B13T144Tabern, Alanvs.Pipe, Justin
B13T72Joyce, Ryanvs.
Wilkinson, Carl
Board 14
B14T144Hughes, Jamievs.
Pallett, David
B14T72Lennon, Stevevs.Todd, Mick
Board 15
B15T144Harrington, Ryanvs.
Edhouse, Ritchie
B15T72Payne, Joshvs.Hunt, Adam
Board 16
B16T144Edgar, Matthewvs.
Webster, Mark
B16T72Thornton, Robertvs.
Whitehead, Conan
Board 17
B17T144Lewis, Jamievs.
Stevenson, Simon
B17T72Ward, Harryvs.
Humphries, Luke
Board 18
B18T144Mansell, Mickeyvs.
Temple, Terry
B18T72Dolan, Brendanvs.
Johnson, Darren
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Author: Pieter