The draw has been released for the PDC World Championship Rest of the World Women’s Qualifier which takes place today at the Halle 39 in Hildesheim, Germany.

No entry lists had been released before hand but we already knew that Mikuru Suzuki and Anastasia Dobromyslova would both be involved in proceedings. The latter of course claimed victory last year and as a result will be hoping for a double.

Aileen de Graaf is among those also involved. One of the leading lights on the BDO Ladies circuit; she will first take on Krzysztof Ratajski’s wife and former Lakeside participant Karolina Podgorska which could lead to an early shock.

Kasumi Sato is the only other Japanese participant, she is not in the draw below as she has received a bye due to draw numbers.

Former World Cup participant Momo Zhou and former Lakeside finalist Corrine Hammond are also on the same board with action beginning shortly in Germany.

Board 1
B1T32Lueck, Stefanievs.
Loch, Amanda
B1T32Suzuki, Mikuruvs.
Letica, Marina
Board 2
B2T64Vogt, Sandyvs.Wajer, Aletta
B2T32Dorrestijn, Annevs.Ivey, Debra
Board 3
B3T64Tynan, Elizabethvs.
Schliemann, Sara
B3T32Dobromyslova, Anastasiavs.
Zuidema, Vanessa
Board 4
B4T64Zhou, Momovs.
Rennoch, Stefanie
B4T32Hammond, Corrinevs.
Langendorf, Bianka
Board 5
B5T32Schink, Jeannettevs.
Kaup, Sandra
B5T32Holst, Tanjavs.
Ries, Jeanette
Board 6
B6T64Reuss, Jessicavs.
Slowikowska, Renata
B6T32Hanika, Denisevs.
Zumbusch, Celine
Board 7
B7T64Erkelenz, Kristinavs.
Seger, Sabine
B7T32Podgorska, Karolinavs.
de Graaf, Aileen
Board 8
B8T64Ihlenborg, Sabrinavs.
Schinkel, Sarah Lena
B8T32Steenbergen, Priscillavs.
Rantsch, Wiemke
Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts


Author: Samuel Gill