The draw for the Dutch Open Darts 2018 was announced on Friday morning. The largest open darts tournament in Europe will be played in Assen this year from 2 to 4 February.

With such a massive field set to play, the tournament begins with the round of 4096. Two-time Lakeside champion Glen Durrant will face Joey Huijsman or Boyd Hoevenberg in the second round. Mark McGeeney, the defending Dutch Open champion, will face Michael Wolters or Bennie Reezigt.

Scott Mitchell, currently the number two of the BDO ranking, meets Mitchel Gebben or Harmen Faber. Darts icon Andy Fordham faces Sven Römer or Jason van der Zeeuw.

Durrant and McGeeney, finalists of the recent Lakeside finals, are participating in the tournament as a team. They compete in their first match against the duo of Sandro Haase and Fernando Migliore. In the second round, the Englishmen may meet Melvin Post and Hendrik Wilkens.

Frank Vischschraper, a commentator for Dutch TV station RTL7, makes his debut at the Dutch Open. Together with the Belgian fan and darts cult figure Jackie Goethals, he takes on Richard Evert and Jarnick de Ruiter or Klaas Veenstra and Erik Klaver in the pairs.

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Author: Edward McCosh