A German player will be added on Sunday to the field at the 2020 PDC World Championship with the finals day of the German Super League coming up with eight remaining players competing for a spot at the Alexandra Palace.

The draw for the final day has already been announced. Martin Schindler who is the favourite to move through faces Thomas Kohnlein in the Quarter-Finals. Dragutin Horvat faces Christian Bunse in a battle of two of the most experienced players in the field.

Maik Langendorf takes on Robert Marijanovic and Nico Kurz faces Manfred Bilderl. Last year, the qualifier was won by Marijanovic who lost to Richard North in the first round at the PDC World Championship.

Quarter final

Nico Kurz v Manfred Bilderl
Maik Langendorf v Robert Marijanovic
Martin Schindler v Thomas Köhnlein
Dragutin Horvat v Christian Bunse

Semi finals

Kurz / Bilderl v Langendorf / Marijanovic
Schindler / Köhnlein v Horvat / Bunse


Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

Photo: Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

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Author: Samuel Gill