Glen Durrant ended up winning the BDO World Trophy meaning he has now claimed every major title in the organisation including the World Championship, the World Masters and the Finder Darts Masters.

‘Duzza’ who after his World Championship triumph for the second year in a row gave up on his PDC dream and stayed BDO for life spoke afterwards about the future of the organisation.
Durrant admitted something needs to be done due to the might of the PDC and for him the envy is there that they are playing in front of huge crowds week in week out. In addition he didn’t see anything marketing wise and admits something needs to be done before they get swallowed up.
“I’m not political and I won’t slag the BDO off, but something needs to be done,” Durrant told Teesside Live in an extended interview.
“I’m a strategist in housing not in marketing, but they (BDO) need to find a solution.
“The week before I was watching the PDC and 22,000 people were there in the crowd. The envy is there, I’m not going to lie.
“Our marketing is not good enough. If you’re getting 22,000 people turning up at the PDC events, the interest is clearly there.
“When I was walking around Preston I didn’t see one poster. I saw posters for Roy Chubby Brown and other events coming up, but none for the darts. I got a taxi to the event and the driver asked me where I was going. When I told him I was a darts player he didn’t know the event was on.
“We need someone to have a vision, to step forward and say where it’s going. We’re up against a juggernaut in the PDC and we need to come up with some answers.
“I’m just a darts player, I’m not a marketing expert. But something needs to be done about it, we need to have a vision or we’re just going to get swallowed up.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill