Glen Durrant has been one of the success stories so far of this year’s Premier League as he edges towards Judgement Night top of the league.

Durrant saw off Daryl Gurney in Liverpool to maintain that dazzling form and from his perspective, he always kept his eye on the prize which was a place in the second half.

As well as that he was not expecting to be so far up at this point but heading into Newcastle it seems the Teesside ace’s ascent to the top won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“I knew if I won tonight then it was me pretty much through to the next phase of the competition, so that’s a big result for me,” said Durrant.

“It wasn’t easy – it was a real battle against Daryl, who is fighting to get off the foot of the table. My scoring game is a bit frustrating at the moment so I’ve still got a bit of work to do.

“But if you’d said after six games I’d be top of the table I’d have ripped your hand off for it, so I’m a happy man right now.”

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Author: Samuel Gill