Glen Durrant spoke last year about if he won Lakeside that he would be BDO for life but since BDO sanctions have been lifted, more impetus has been put on ‘Duzza’ to try PDC Q-School.

For him though he admits he won’t rush any decision and wait for the ruling to be fully confirmed before doing anything. Durrant also said that if he did attempt Q-School and if he got his card that some serious thinking would have to be done on his part.

“First things first, I won’t rush to make any decision,” he said to GazetteLive.

“Nowhere in the press release does it say that you can go to Q-School and you’d still be welcome back to the BDO. So I’m a little bit confused.

“I said last year that my mind was made up, and it was.

“But this will give a lot of players food for thought.

“If the only thing to weigh-up was the darts then I would definitely go to Q-School. If I was 28 I’d have no excuses, but I need to consider every aspect.

“I don’t do a lot of the BDO circuit. People say to me that a lot of the PDC events are in Barnsley and Wigan but there are a lot of European events as well and I’d be starting out right at the bottom.

“I read social media with people saying to me about being a big fish in a small pond. It’s not about that, it’s about thinking about my lifestyle, my job, my family and weighing everything up.

“If it was the case that you could go to Q-School without any sanctions at all then I would go and if I got in I would have some serious, serious thinking to do.”

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Author: Samuel Gill