Glen Durrant has yet to receive a response as to whether he will be included in the Grand Slam lineup as the BDO World Champion.

Durrant claimed the Lakeside crown for a third time this past January but is in the dark as to potential inclusion after claiming a coveted PDC Tour Card.
He supposedly has emailed Des Jacklin, chairman of the BDO but is yet to receive any response.
“Two weeks ago, I emailed Paula and Des [Jacklin] and I asked the question,” Durrant told Live Darts.
“I love the BDO, they let me achieve all my dreams.
“I’ve never said a bad word against the BDO and never will.
“I sent the message because I’m trying to work my calendar out – ‘Am I in the Grand Slam as the BDO champion?’ and I haven’t had a response yet.
“I know it’s a busy time with what’s going on, and the honest answer is I don’t know.”
Durrant added: “If I do go there as BDO champion, I don’t think I get the ranking points for the PDC, so they’ll be a question there.
“I’m in the Grand Slam now as a PDC player because of winning a ProTour, but I’m the last player to qualify, so if anyone else wins a European Tour, the World Matchplay or a ProTour who’s not already qualified then I’ll be out of the equation.
“Someone said to me “do you need five grand, Glen?” that was the question put to me.
“Genuinely, since winning Lakeside, it’s been pretty crazy, the Premier League etc all came a little bit too early for me in my opinion.
“How do you turn down the Grand Slam? For me, it’s only behind Lakeside as the best tournament I’ve played in.”

Chris Dean/PDC

Photo: Chris Dean/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill