The Dutch Open continues today and it is the turn of the singles tournament after the pairs was played out yesterday with the final being on the stage tomorrow including the likes of Richard Veenstra, Lorraine Winstanley and Trina Gulliver all in action as a result no matter what happens today.

In terms of who is starting their Dutch Open campaign today among the players is current Lakeside champion, Glen Durrant who faces Joey Huijsman or Boyd Hoevenberg in the second round.

Current Dutch Open champion and probably one of the most experienced in this format as a result, Mark McGeeney ill meet Michael Wolters or Bennie Reezigt.

Also in action includes Scott Mitchell and Andy Fordham among other players in a tournament known for it’s unpredictability and it’s amount of entrants which lends itself to some shocks along the way so not even the top players will be safe when the tournament starts today.

The schedule is below :

Saturday February 3th – 2018
08:30 – Doors open
10:30 – Start Single tournament – Last 64 Men and Final Ladies will be played on Sunday.
11:00 – Start Paradarts tournament.
On Sunday the Dutch Open Youth will be played. The kids that will make it to the finals of the three different categories are offered an amazing experience: they will play their final game on stage!


Author: Samuel Gill