Matthew Edgar has emerged as ‘darts biggest internet star’ as said by Matthew Porter through his YouTube channel EdgarTV which has got just under 10,000 subscribers as of time of writing.

Edgar sat down with the PDC recently to discuss the idea behind Edgar TV; as well as what he aims to achieve through the YouTube channel.

“I was about to play Michael (Van Gerwen) in the Players Championship Finals on ITV in 2018; I basically put a spoof interview out because I knew I was the underdog; I knew I was expected to lose 6-0,” said Edgar in an interview with the PDC.

So I thought I’d have some fun with this, Michael watched it and after the game, he said to me keep doing your podcast, it’s funny. Then I thought, I’ll put another video out and that did quite well and then I thought I’m actually enjoying this. Now it’s become a bit of a passion of mine.”

“I literally am a darts fan, I’ve got some videos and we’re putting out with some of the memorabilia I’ve collected over the years. I was that child in the crowd going round getting everyone’s autographs.”

“I share a lot of my personal stories and it’s not just the highs. It’s not a glory channel. I don’t sit there saying look at me I qualified for the World Championship. I also did a video on the day I thought I wasn’t going to qualify.

“Everyone thinks that darts because what we do see on TV is the ultimate highs; you know the player that loses they’re gone; but what’s that player doing, what’s he thinking.”


Author: Samuel Gill