Matthew Edgar is known as not only being a darts player but also a YouTuber with his channel Edgar TV and in a recent storytime, he told one involving Michael van Gerwen which happened at the 2018 Players Championship Finals.

Edgar and Van Gerwen faced off in the Last 64 in the tournament on the big stage which was won by the World Number One 6-1, but as ‘Prime Time’ discussed it could have been due to pre match mind games which went wrong.

“I thought I was going to play a couple of mind games with him but it all went wrong. I’d done this before, Kim Huybrechts he throws for the bull, hits the bull and I went deflate yourself Kim and hit double six, I’m not interested, you have the throw,” said Edgar on his YouTube channel.

“I was going to do similar to Michael (van Gerwen) but I was going to do it very different. I was going to win the bull and give him the darts so the plan was to beat him and give him the throw.”

“Eventually I won the bull, eventually after 14 or 15 throws. I was going to go you go first. He said you give me the throw and so instantly I start defending I’m like no even though I had planned it for two weeks.”

“I shook his hand and I walked off. I ended up throwing first which is something I didn’t want to do because if I’m going to have a bad leg, it’s going to the first as I’m a bit of a slow starter.”

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Author: Samuel Gill