The action continues in the MODUS Icons of Darts League with an insane standard evident particularly from two players so far as the online tournament reaches it’s penultimate day for Week Three of Phase Two.

Ritchie Edhouse and Mike Warburton have both averaged 110 in matches so far. The former did so in easing past Boris Koltsov in a 4-1 win.

Warburton incredibly did so in defeat to Koltsov but the Russian was even better than 110 averaging 116 en route to a 4-2 win over the World Masters semi-finalist.

This came after averaging 115 against Scott Marsh off the back of losing the aforementioned tie against Edhouse. For Koltsov this means in his 24 legs today, he has hit 16 180’s and his average currently stands at 107.66 for the day after four matches played.

It is Edhouse though who is on top with four straight wins in his games so far with victories also over Scott Marsh (4-1), Jose Justicia (4-3) and Fallon Sherrock (4-1) with his win over Koltsov being the difference.

Scott Marsh and Jose Justicia are the only other players so far on four games played and sit on nearly opposite ends of the table with the former third with two wins and two defeats while Justicia is last with four straight defeats. Can the standard get any higher today?

There will be 21 games a day which will be best of 7 legs. Pool A will take part on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It begins everyday as a result at 10:30 am running till 5:30 pm and sees live action continue for four more weeks than initially planned.

The scores are recorded during matches via a webcam with this then uploaded to various scoring services and bookmakers who are all showing the action. The livestream is provided by organiser MODUS .

MODUS Icons of Darts League Phase Two (Week Three) Schedule
Friday 22 May (10:30 am-5:30 pm)

Jose Justicia (75) 0-4 (95.43) Boris Koltsov
Ritchie Edhouse (99.97) 4-1 (89.34) Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh (95.43) 4-0 (78.3) Jose Justicia
Boris Koltsov (103.2) 1-4 (109.94) Ritchie Edhouse
Ritchie Edhouse (91.76) 4-3 (84.87) Jose Justicia
Scott Marsh (90.94) 0-4 (115.62) Boris Koltsov
Jose Justicia (84.71) 3-4 (88.71) Jarred Cole
Boris Koltsov (116.28) 4-2 (110.15) Mike Warburton
Fallon Sherrock (90.13) 1-4 (97.03) Ritchie Edhouse
Jarred Cole (80.75) 3-4 (79.7) Scott Marsh
Michael Warburton v Jose Justicia
Boris Koltsov v Fallon Sherrock
Ritchie Edhouse v Jarred Cole
Scott Marsh v Michael Warburton
Jose Justicia v Fallon Sherrock
Jarred Cole v Boris Koltsov
Michael Warburton v Ritchie Edhouse
Fallon Sherrock v Scott Marsh
Jarred Cole v Michael Warburton
Fallon Sherrock v Jarred Cole
Michael Warburton v Fallon Sherrock

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill