The Six Nations Cup concluded on Sunday night with Netherlands and England claiming the Men’s and Ladies titles.

The Dutch team saw off Scotland in the second semi-final comprehensively in a 13-4 win. Wales was a bit closer with a 13-8 victory over England.

Netherlands ended up winning the Six Nations Cup in the final with a 13-5 victory over Wales. It was close at the start but a run of 7/8 of the last games was the true decider for the side.

In the Ladies, England were imperious with them seeing off Wales in a 5-2 win and then smashing Northern Ireland in a 5-0 win.

Lorraine Winstanley claimed 2 out of the five victories en route with Maria O’Brien doing the same to retain the title for a really strong England side.

Ladies match for 5/6th place: Scotland 5-2 Ireland
Men’s match for 5/6th place: Northern Ireland 13-3 Ireland
First ladies semi-final: England 5-2 Wales
Second ladies semi-final: Northern Ireland 5-3 Netherlands
First men’s semi-final: Wales 13-8 England
Second men’s semi-final: Netherlands 13-4 Scotland

Ladies final: England 5-0 Northern Ireland
Helen Dunn 0-1 Fallon Sherrock
Kayleigh O’Neill 0-1 Maria O’Brien
Grace Crane 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley
Helen Dunn 0-1 Maria O’Brien
Kayleigh O’Neill 0-1 Lorraine Winstanley

Men’s final: Netherlands 13-5 Wales
David Arwyn Morris 0-1 Chris Landman
Nick Kenny 0-1 Martijn Kleermaker
Jim Williams 1-0 Willem Mandigers
Mark Layton 0-1 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Darren Bingham 1-0 Wessel Nijman
Jim Williams 0-1 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Mark Layton 0-1 Wessel Nijman
Darren Bingham 0-1 Chris Landman
David Arwyn Morris 1-0 Martijn Kleermaker
Nick Kenny 1-0 Willem Mandigers
Darren Bingham 0-1 Martijn Kleermaker
David Arwyn Morris 0-1 Willem Mandigers
Nick Kenny 0-1 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Jim Williams 0-1 Wessel Nijman
Mark Layton 0-1 Chris Landman
Nick Kenny 0-1 Wessel Nijman
Jim Williams 1-0 Chris Landman
Mark Layton 0-1 Martijn Kleermaker


Author: Samuel Gill