Statistics have been collated for this years’ Euro Tour. This is ahead of the Dutch Darts Masters in Maastricht this weekend where of course Michael van Gerwen will be out to defend his title that he won last year when it was held in Venray but with him being out since the Matchplay anything could happen.  The World Number 1 lives up to his moniker by having 4 out of 8 events highest average.
The overall average for the Euro Tour this year has been 91.38 with 375 games being played so far. Going down to the fine details, 3,384 legs have been completed and 102,330 darts have been thrown. The main stats apart from the average are that 1,570 180’s have been thrown and also the checkout percentage is currently 36.4%.
No-one holds the bragging rights in terms of having the highest checkout more than once with 8 players holding the honour. These overall stats are bound to change with the event this weekend of course.


Author: Samuel Gill