Gabriel Clemens has won the final outright Tour Card defeating Vincent Kamphuis 5-3. The German joins Jeffrey de Zwaan, Mario Robbe and Tytus Kanis, who won a outright Tour Card over the last three days.

After reaching the semi final on the first day, Clemens did not scored any points on Friday and Saturday. However, he beat the likes of Armin Glanzer, Yordi Meeuwisse, Robert Marijanovic and Boris Koltsov to reach the final in Hildesheim. Runner-up Kamphuis will receive a Tour Card as well, as he moved into the top-6 of the Q-School Order of Merit.

The European Q-School will play down to a winner on each day, to give four automatic Tour Cards. The remaining players earning ranking points. Ranking points are awarded with one point per win from rounds where there are no Byes onwards.

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Last 16
Danny Noppert 5 | 2 Davy Van Baelen
Diogo Portela 5 | 3 Roxy-James Rodriguez
Vincent Kamphuis 5 | 3 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Krzysztof Ratajski 5 | 1 Jose Antonio Justicia Perales
Gabriel Clemens 5 | 2 Yordi Meeuwisse
Robert Marijanovic 5 | 0 Dragutin Horvat
Manfred Bilderl 5 | 4 Melvin de Fijter
Boris Koltsov 5 | 3 Michael Hurtz

Last Eight
Diogo Portela 5 | 4 Danny Noppert
Vincent Kamphuis 5 | 3 Krzysztof Ratajski
Gabriel Clemens 5 | 3 Robert Marijanovic
Boris Koltsov 5 | 2 Manfred Bilderl

Last Four
Vincent Kamphuis 5 | 2 Diogo Portela
Gabriel Clemens 5 | 0 Boris Koltsov

Gabriel Clemens 3 | 5 Vincent Kamphuis

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Author: Samuel Gill