The UK Open is nearly through it’s first afternoon with Round 1 completed and Round 2 halfway through being complete. The likes of Vincent van der Voort, Nathan Aspinall and Ricky Evans are all already through to tonight’s third round.

One of the first shocks has happened though, Lee Evans who last week in an interview with admitted he was confident of his chances against his opponent Dimitri van den Bergh. He defeated the World Youth Champion 6-3 in a polished performance that many had not been expecting.
John Part is also through. ‘Darth Maple’ returned to live televised action barring the World Cup for the first time in around 3 years defeating the Riley’s Wolverhampton qualifier, John Morris.
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First Round
Main Stage – Red’s
Paul Nicholson 6-5 Terry Jenkins
Ryan Harrington 6-5 Richie Burnett
Lee Evans 6-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh
John Part 6-2 John Morris
Board Three
Alex Roy 6-2 Mark Walsh
Michael Burgoine Bye (Andrew Davidson withdrew)
Rene Eidams 6-4 Andrew Johnson
Michael Barnard Bye (Scott Robertson withdrew)
Bradley Brooks 6-4 Chris Quantock
Board Four
Benito van de Pas 6-5 Cristo Reyes
Andrew Pullen Bye (Mark Rice withdrew)
Michael Rasztovits 6-3 Simon Tate
Luke Humphries 6-0 Liam Kelly
Robert Rickwood Bye (Rene Berndt withdrew)
Board Five
Dirk van Duijvenbode Bye (Mick McGowan withdrew)
Harry Ward 6-0 Daniel Lee
Kirk Shepherd 6-4 Adam Hunt
Ryan Meikle 6-5 Mickey Mansell
Darryl Pilgrim 6-2 Ian Jopling
Board Six
Joe Davis 6-5 Dan Read
David Airey 6-4 Benjamin McClelland
Martin Biggs Bye (Chris Lacey withdrew)
Ricky Evans 6-1 Andreas Hajiminia
Cody Harris 6-1 Tony Mitchell
Board Seven
Mark Craddock Bye (Craig Winstanley withdrew)
Andy Hamilton Bye (William O’Connor withdrew)
Paul Whitworth 6-3 Martin Atkins
Paul Hogan 6-5 Darren Brown
Board Eight
Ron Meulenkamp 6-4 Andy Hibbert
George Killington 6-4 Andy Jenkins
Jason Mold 6-5 Prakash Jiwa
John Scott 6-4 Darren Johnson

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Author: Samuel Gill