We have our final winner of the weekend with a familiar sight in the winners circle this season, Ted Evetts has won at Development Tour 12 claiming his third title of the season (2x DT and 1x CT) defeating Dimitri van den Bergh in the final.

‘Super Ted’ who lost his tour card by the skin of his teeth at the end of last season has used this disappointment to get himself potentially another crack at the main tour at the end of the year.
He defeated Dimitri van den Bergh a very in form player but someone who doesn’t show his best form on the floor 5-2 in the final after defeating the likes of Christian Bunse and Martin Schindler on the way.
Click here for more information on today’s Development Tour action from Wigan.
Last 16
Melvin de Fijter 4 | 1 Scott Dale
Rob Hewson 4 | 2 Joshua Richardson
Martin Schindler 4 | 3 Rhys Griffin
Ted Evetts 4 | 2 Christian Bunse
Mike van Duivenbode 4 | 1 Josh McCarthy
Christopher Haensch 4 | 2 Nico Schlund
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4 | 2 Greg Ritchie
William Borland 4 | 0 Geert Nentjes
Last Eight
Melvin de Fijter 5 | 2 Rob Hewson
Ted Evetts 5 | 2 Martin Schindler
Mike van Duivenbode 5 | 4 Christopher Haensch
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5 | 3 William Borland
Last Four
Ted Evetts 5 | 3 Melvin de Fijter
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5 | 3 Mike van Duivenbode
Ted Evetts 5 | 2 Dimitri Van den Bergh

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Author: Samuel Gill