Daniella Harper and Charlotte Wood were synonymous with the PDC Walk-Ons as the walk-on girls up until the World Championship two years ago when they were axed from their roles.

Despite the uproar, Harper spoke recently to the Daily Star and admitted that they are being missed but that it’s opened more doors for them especially on the exhibition circuit.

“They might not be able to see us on TV but people are still really keen to see us in the flesh,”

“We’ve been really busy with ­exhibition work, which is the same as we were doing before, it’s just not on TV. I think we are being booked because people miss us.

“We probably do about four events a week now and at every single one people are still saying it was a ridiculous decision and something’s missing from the darts.

“We were worried we’d lose our income after the ban but it’s actually opened more doors for us.”

Harper and Wood ‘wouldn’t go back’ if given opportunity

Daniella added that the PDC may be regretting their decision now due to the reaction on social media but that her and Charlotte would not go back now especially as they got nothing after six years of working for them.

“I honestly feel the PDC might regret what they’ve done losing the walk-on girls,” added Harper.

“There’s been a lot of anger on ­social media aimed at them and the fans feel there is something missing from the sport.

“It’s a shame but we probably wouldn’t go back now as there was a lot of negativity around the ban and our relationship with them.

“We felt we were part of a family but we didn’t even get a warning before we were dismissed.

“They could have handled it better, but after six years of work we got nothing. It’s been hurtful.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV Darts

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Author: Samuel Gill