The European 2019 Lakeside participants are allowed to play at the British Q-School later this month. This will be held from January 17-20 in Wigan.

The entries for the European Q-School were announced on Wednesday, with all the European Lakeside competitors missing on the entry list. This is because the European Q-School starts two days ahead of the BDO showpiece event.
Access to the PDC Pro Tour circuit seemed unattainable for the European BDO players, but according Derk Telnekes a solution has been made, he told in an interview. When the Dutchman was asked if he would have played the European Q-School, he said he is allowed to play at the British Q-School, but he didn’t know whether he would use this opportunity.
”I can play at the Q-School in England, but I do not know yet if I will do that. I make my decision after Lakeside. I want to play a lot of tournaments next year and I hope to make progress.”
”My daughter is a bit older and my girlfriend gives me space to have more practice time. Hopefully I can break through in the future”, the 23-year-old said in the interview.
Click here for the list with entries for the European Q-School in Hildesheim.

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

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Author: Pieter