Mid-March is approaching and so the Formula 1 engines can be started again. In Australia the first Grand Prix of the year takes place and the signs are promising for those who like drama and tension. It seems that Lewis Hamilton is going to have a hard time getting his sixth world title. Ferrari looked strong during testing and also the Honda-driven Red Bull seems to be a lot closer than a year ago. Following the Formula 1 season is even more exciting with a Fantasy team.

Who do you think will be world champion? Still Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel or is it time for a driver like Max Verstappen? Select six drivers and three teams for the whole season and take them to the first prize of 1,000 euros!
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The drivers and F1 teams can score points throughout the season by finishing in the top 20 of a race. In addition, it must be predicted who will take the world title from the drivers and from the constructors for bonus points. A total of twenty-one races are on the calendar with the final one taking place in Abu Dhabi on December 1st. The player who finishes top after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix wins the game and at least 1,000 euros from a total prize pool of at least 6,000 Euro!
In addition, Zweeler has a qualifying and race game for each Grand Prix and you can qualify for the final game of the Race to Abu Dhabi. This has a first prize of 2,500 euros! So it promises to be a great Formula 1 year.

1 Hamilton, Lewis 40 mln. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport
2 Vettel, Sebastian 39,2 mln. Scuderia Ferrari
3 Verstappen, Max 35,7 mln. Red Bull Racing
4 Leclerc, Charles 32,4 mln. Scuderia Ferrari
5 Bottas, Valtteri 29,6 mln. Mercedes-AMG Motorsport
6 Gasly, Pierre 26,5 mln. Red Bull Racing
7 Ricciardo, Daniel 18,8 mln. Renault F1 Team
8 Hulkenberg, Nico 16,3 mln. Renault F1 Team
9 Magnussen, Kevin 15,7 mln. Haas F1 Team
10 Grosjean, Romain 14,9 mln. Haas F1 Team
11 Sainz, Carlos 14,6 mln. McLaren F1 Team
12 Räikkönen, Kimi 14 mln. Alfa Romeo Racing
13 Norris, Lando 12,8 mln. McLaren F1 Team
14 Kvyat, Daniil 12,7 mln. Scuderia Toro Rosso
15 Perez, Sergio 12,4 mln. Racing Point F1 Team
16 Albon, Alexander 11,6 mln. Scuderia Toro Rosso
17 Giovinazzi, Antonio 10,8 mln. Alfa Romeo Racing
18 Stroll, Lance 10,1 mln. Racing Point F1 Team
19 Russell, George 8,9 mln. Williams Racing
20 Kubica, Robert 7,5 mln. Williams Racing

F1 teams

1 Scuderia Ferrari 5 mln.
2 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport 4,7 mln.
3 Red Bull Racing 4,3 mln.
4 Renault F1 Team 3,4 mln.
5 Haas F1 Team 2,8 mln.
6 McLaren F1 Team 2,6 mln.
7 Alfa Romeo Racing 2,5 mln.
8 Scuderia Toro Rosso 2,1 mln.
9 Racing Point F1 Team 2 mln.
10 Williams Racing 1,5 mln.

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