Darts is one of a few sports that can be practised at home and so the PDC comes up with a new tournament during the Coronavirus lockdown period: the PDC Home Tour.

All tour card holders will have the opportunity to participate over 32 consecutive evenings. Every night four darters come into play, all of whom play a ‘best of 9 legs’ against each other. The winner of each group progresses to the second round.

PDC Home Tour 9 will take place on Saturday with Michael Smith as star name. On the other days this week we will see Nathan Aspinall, Simon Whitlock and Max Hopp among others take to the Oche.

Click here to register and click here to go to the game when you are already registered at Zweeler.

The Fantasy PDC Home Tour Group 9/12 starts on Saturday 25 April 2020 at 20:30 hours CET.  You have a budget of 50 million euro to buy 6 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy PDC Home Tour Group 9/12.

The darts players will earn points for your team in the group stage for every leg they win. A darts player can earn a maximum of 5 points per game for your team.

The game will cost £4.39 per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of £131 in prizes. The first prize will be £42 (5 GC prizes).

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Values Players PDC Home Tour:

1 Aspinall, Nathan 10 mln.
2 Smith, Michael 9.8 mln.
3 Whitlock, Simon 9.3 mln.
4 Brown, Keegan 9.1 mln.
5 Hopp, Max 8.8 mln.
6 Tabern, Alan 8.5 mln.
7 Kleermaker, Martijn 8.2 mln.
8 Decker, Mike De 8 mln.
9 Stevenson, Simon 7.9 mln.
10 Shepherd, Kirk 7.6 mln.
11 Duivenbode, Mike van 7.5 mln.
12 Brown, Steve 7.4 mln.
13 Whitehead, Conan 7.4 mln.
14 Ward, Harry 7.2 mln.
15 Clark, Matt 7 mln.
16 Joyce, Ryan 7 mln.


England Smith, Michael
Netherlands Kleermaker, Martijn
England Ward, Harry
England Clark, Matt
England Aspinall, Nathan
England Stevenson, Simon
England Brown, Steve
England Joyce, Ryan
Australia Whitlock, Simon
England Tabern, Alan
England Shepherd, Kirk
Netherlands Duivenbode, Mike van
England Brown, Keegan
Germany Hopp, Max
Belgium Decker, Mike De
England Whitehead, Conan

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Author: Andre Liliomos