Our Partner, Zweeler Fantasy Sports Games, has many different Fantasy Football Games developed to entertain us for the 4 weeks during the World Cup Football 2018.

Fantasy World Cup Football (Budget): Prize pool at least 13,600 euro and a 1st prize of 5,000 euro!
This game is not time consuming, and can be done in 10-15 minutes. You create a team by picking 8 countries with a budget of 65 million euro. These teams will earn points for you during the whole tournament. Costs: 10 euro per team.
Fantasy World Cup Football: Prize pool at least 4,705 euro and a 1st prize of 700 euro!
This is the more time consuming game. This is a puzzle! You need to pick 23 players from 32 countries (3 per country). You can earn points with goals, assists, clean sheet etc. Costs: 10 euro per team.
Fantasy World Cup Football for teams: Prize pool at least 736 euro and a 1st prize of 121 euro.
This game will be organized for every 8 matches during the World Cup Football. The game costs 5 euro per team and your team(s) can earn points for a Win, draw, Clean sheet, Goals, Ball Possession, Goal Attempts, Corners, Goal Keeper saves and also penalty saves. You can loose points due to Fouls, yellow cards and red cards.


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