The world snooker title is at stake at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield in the next two weeks. The best sixteen players in the world supplemented with sixteen qualifiers will compete against each other. Top favorite is five-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan. The Rocket has already won five ranking titles this season and is therefore in excellent shape.

But it is at the World Snooker Championship that we see many surprises every year. For example, Mark Williams won the title from seventh place a year ago. Eurosport will show it live daily throughout the tournament.
Why play Fantasy World Snooker Championship 2019?

  • Your engagement with snooker will further increase. It is not about one snooker player, but 8 snooker players need to perform for you!
  • For only 7 euro you will get many extra hours of entertainment before the start of the tournament but also during the event your snooker players will give you a lot of joy but also a lot of frustration.
  • If you manage to beat the other players, you can also win nice cash prizes (at least 400 euro)!
  • Click here to register and click here to go directly to the game when you are already registered at Zweeler.

The Fantasy World Snooker Championship 2019 starts on Saturday 20 April 2019 at 11:15 hours CET.
You have a budget of 64 million euro to buy 8 snooker players of which you think are going to win the most points in the Fantasy World Snooker Championship 2019.
The game will cost 7 euro per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of 400 euro in prizes. The first prize will be 90 euro (10 GC prizes).

Values snooker players:

1 O’Sullivan, Ronnie 20 mln.
2 Robertson, Neil 16.2 mln.
3 Trump, Judd 13.7 mln.
4 Selby, Mark 13.5 mln.
5 Wilson, Kyren 11.8 mln.
6 Williams, Mark 11.6 mln.
7 Allen, Mark 10 mln.
8 Higgins, John 9.3 mln.
9 Hawkins, Barry 7.7 mln.
10 Bingham, Stuart 7.5 mln.
11 Lisowski, Jack 6.2 mln.
12 Junhui, Ding 6.1 mln.
13 Murphy, Shaun 5.8 mln.
14 Gilbert, David 5 mln.
15 Brecel, Luca 4.7 mln.
16 Maguire, Stephen 4.6 mln.
17 Carter, Ali 4.4 mln.
18 Perry, Joe 3.9 mln.
19 Xintong, Zhao 3.6 mln.
20 McGill, Anthony 3.5 mln.
21 Davis, Mark 3.2 mln.
22 Dott, Graeme 3.1 mln.
23 Yuelong, Zhou 2.9 mln.
24 Gould, Martin 2.8 mln.
25 Donaldson, Scott 2.5 mln.
26 Georgiou, Michael 2.4 mln.
27 Wilson, Gary 2.3 mln.
28 Hang, Li 2.2 mln.
29 Pengfei, Tian 2.2 mln.
30 Honghao, Luo 2.1 mln.
31 Un-Nooh, Thepchaiya 2 mln.
32 Cahill, James 1.6 mln.

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Author: Andre Liliomos