All tournaments for the 2018 Finder Darts Masters ranking are are finalized. The two BDO events in Belgium last weekend, were the last tournaments to count for this ranking.

The top-16 of the men’s ranking and the two best ladies are qualified for the 2018 Finder Darts Masters. The tournament will be held from 7-9 December at Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee.

The eight highest players on the men’s ranking will be seeded in the group stage. The same applies to the two women, as the ladies tournament only has two groups.

In the next few months, the playing field will be extended with wildcards from the organisation and the Dutch darts association (NDB). The winner of the Dutch Champions League of Darts tournament will also receive an invite to compete at the Finder Darts Masters.

The men’s tournament will feature 24 players, which will be divided into eight groups of three players.The winner of each group qualifies for the knock-out stage, which starts on the final day of action in Hotel Zuiderduin.

Two groups of four players will be made for the ladies. The two winners of each group will play in the final against each other on Sunday.

Provisional Field Men’s

Seeded players
1 Jim Williams Wales
2 Willem Mandigers Netherlands
3 Mark McGeeney England
4 Richard Veenstra Netherlands
5 Derk Telnekes Netherlands
6 Scott Mitchell England
7 Glen Durrant England
8 Chris Landman Netherlands
Other Qualifiers
9 Gary Robson England
10 Wesley Harms Netherlands
11 Dean Reynolds Wales
12 Michael Unterbuchner Germany
13 Scott Waites England
14 Conan Whitehead England
15 Wayne Warren Wales
16 Jeffrey van Egdom Belgium
17 Winner CLOD
18 Wildcard by organisation
19 Wildcard by organisation
20 Wildcard by organisation
21 Wildcard by organisation
22 Wildcard by organisation
23 Wildcard by organisation
24 Wildcard NDB

Provisional Field Ladies

Seeded players
1 Deta Hedman England
2 Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
Other qualifiers
3 Wildcard by organisation
4 Winner CLOD
5 Wildcard by organisation
6 Wildcard by organisation



Author: Pieter