The 2019 BDO Ladies World Championship has been confirmed after the recent World Masters and playoff qualifiers in Bridlington.

Lorraine Winstanley will be seeded number one with current champion Lisa Ashton number two. Deta Hedman will attempt to once again claim the World title, one of the only titles ‘The Heart of Darts’ has not claimed.
Anastasia Dobromyslova and Fallon Sherrock will also be among the favourites for the title alongside the aforementioned three. The likes of Corrine Hammond and Casey Gallagher will qualify through the next 9-14 in the rankings.
Finally Karolina Podgórska and Mikuru Suzuki qualified through the playoffs; Suzuki will be one of the dark horses given her current run of form.
1-8 in BDO Rankings – Seeded
1. Lorraine Winstanley
2. Lisa Ashton
3. Deta Hedman
4. Anastasia Dobromyslova
5. Aileen de Graaf
6. Fallon Sherrock
7. Sharon Prins
8. Trina Gulliver
9–14 in BDO Rankings
9. Corrine Hammond
10. Casey Gallagher
11. Maria O’Brien
12. Roz Bulmer
13. Paula Jacklin
14. Laura Turner
Playoff Qualifiers
Karolina Podgórska
Mikuru Suzuki

David Gill/DG Media

Photo: David Gill/DG Media


Author: Samuel Gill