The first Q-School of 2019 from Halle 39 in Hildesheim is complete with Darius Labanauskas claiming the last outright tour card.

There will be a nervous wait for some of the players though in the Order of Merit as due to entries not yet being confirmed for the UK Q-School.
The only player confirmed of his tour card is Madars Razma who finished; with 16 points to confirm it.
For the other players in the top five;despite having a nervous wait they will know that they will likely claim tour cards.
View the full Order of Merit below.
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#NameDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4WinsLegs wonLegs diff.Points
1Razma, Madars4615201124816
2Kantele, Marko351316903212
3Meeuwisse, Yordi043514833712
4Van der Meer, Vincent231614782912
5Michael, John422315853511
6De Sousa, Jose224214783110
7Kuivenhoven, Maik233213762210
8Rasztovits, Michael43021375439
9Sedlacek, Karel24301273209
10Goedl, Christian60211270289
11Steyer, Sebastian32311269279
12Jirkal, Pavel03601269229
13Koltsov, Boris02521065289
14Neyens, Kenny00531270328
15Horvat, Dragutin14201166267
16De Vreede , Ryan22301163217
17De Decker, Mike24101065327
18Pietreczko, Ricardo30311058277
19Rodriguez, Roxy James21311054117
20De Vos, Geert3220958267
21Schlund , Nico5101957167
22Lakatos, Gergely4300954127
23Bailey, James0232952187
24Noguera, Jesús0042957186
25Venken, Davyd2220953106
26Schnier, Hannes5100850186
27Tricole, Thibault0204850156
28Munch, Kevin110484886
29Blum, Nico104184886
30Artut, Jyhan110484686
31Van Trijp, Danny1301955165
32Greebe, Toon0014851195
33Michels, Mareno0023850105
34Turetta, Michele311084875
35Smith, Jeff050063825

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Author: Samuel Gill