Gabriel Clemens and Steffen Siepmann have been joined by Kevin Münch and Michael Unterbuchner as the first four quarter-finalists in the German Super League, which acts as a World Championship qualifying tournament.

Clemens had all but secured his position going into the final day of Group A. ‘The German Giant’ had won a total of twelve out of his fourteen games claiming 24 points.

Siepmann wasn’t as secure but came out of it with eighteen points in second as the line-up is being flanked by two PDC Tour Card holders and hence two of the highest ranked in the competition.

Behind the duo was a battle for the remaining two spots with most players still involved. It came down to fine margins with Sascha Stein missing out to Munch and Unterbuchner due to leg difference.

Sixteen participants are divided into two groups. Spread over four match days, a player from a specific group will play twice against the other players from his group. This means that everyone will play fourteen group matches. The top four of each group will advance to the quarter-finals. These will be played just like the semi-finals and the final on Sunday June 14. The winner of this event will receive an invitation to the World Championship.

Maik Langendorf, Rene Eidams, Karsten Koch, Nico Kurz, Thomas Köhnlein, Dragutin Horvat, Daniel Klose and Manfred Bilderl are the players in the other group.

Fourth match day Group A

Kevin Münch 6-2 Jens Kniest
Sascha Stein 3-6 Gabriel Clemens
Christian Bunse 4-6 Kai Gotthardt
Steffen Siepmann 3-6 Kevin Münch
Gabriel Clemens 4-6 Michael Unterbuchner
Jens Kniest 1-6 Sascha Stein
Kevin Münch 4-6 Kai Gotthardt
Gabriel Clemens 6-2 Christian Bunse
Michael Unterbuchner 6-2 Jens Kniest
Sascha Stein 6-3 Steffen Siepmann
Kevin Münch 6-4 Christian Bunse
Jens Kniest 1-6 Gabriel Clemens
Kai Gotthardt 4-6 Sascha Stein
Steffen Siepmann 6-4 Michael Unterbuchner

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Author: Samuel Gill