David Evans is currently leading proceedings in the Icons of Darts League but a shock defeat to Darryl Fitton has put a potential question mark on that as we reach the halfway point of the final day in the latest Icons of Darts League week.

Evans began his day by collecting three wins on the bounce seeing off Wessel Nijman (4-0) – who’s form has curtailed somewhat over the past week, Arron Monk (4-3) and then Adam Huckvale (4-1) as he aims to end the week unbeaten in group wins with only one defeat overall.

He has already suffered a second though today with Darryl Fitton paying heed to another clean sweep for ‘Stretch’. ‘Dazzler’ has emerged as a contender for the final top spot of the week after seeing off Arron Monk (4-3) and then like alluded to seeing off David Evans (4-1) – with the latter being not at his best.

Up next for the Stockport ace is Wessel Nijman with only two games played so far compared to Evans’s four so the picture will be a lot more clearer shortly.

Arron Monk is third with two wins and two defeats while for the likes of Paul Nicholson and Scott Mitchell, they could still mount a late challenge.

MODUS Icons of Darts League Phase Two (Week Two) Schedule
Saturday 16 May (10:30 am-5:30 pm)

Arron Monk (105) 4-1 (95.06) Adam Huckvale
Wessel Nijman (78.26) 0-4 (83.5) David Evans
David Evans (91.07) 4-3 (95.89) Arron Monk
Adam Huckvale (96.03) 3-4 (94.78) Wessel Nijman
Wessel Nijman (97.45) 3-4 (97.02) Arron Monk
David Evans (96.74) 4-1 (90.72) Adam Huckvale
Arron Monk (93.11) 3-4 (94.96) Darryl Fitton
Adam Huckvale (95.63) 4-1 (90.25) Scott Mitchell
Paul Nicholson (96.09) 4-3 (93.69) Wessel Nijman
Darryl Fitton (86.69) 4-1 (83.89) David Evans
Scott Mitchell v Arron Monk
Adam Huckvale v Paul Nicholson
Wessel Nijman v Darryl Fitton
David Evans v Scott Mitchell
Arron Monk v Paul Nicholson
Darryl Fitton v Adam Huckvale
Scott Mitchell v Wessel Nijman
Paul Nicholson v David Evans
Darryl Fitton v Scott Mitchell
Paul Nicholson v Darryl Fitton
Scott Mitchell v Paul Nicholson

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Author: Samuel Gill