Andy Fordham spoke recently about making a full recovery from a blockage in his bowels in which he said he is probably about 90 percent better, he also discussed the current state of the BDO.

The BDO which saw the World Championship and World Masters go into disarray and as a result Des Jacklin resigned only to return a month later.

For Fordham, as a former World Champion with the organisation, he is sad to see the current state of proceedings but thought the Indigo was the right move.

“It breaks my heart the way it’s gone. It’s where it all started, it needed to move forward. They never got the right person in to do it, you did need a Barry Hearn,” said Fordham on Winmau TV in conversation with Phill Barrs.

“The Indigo is a great venue, it’s up to date. Unfortunately I mean as much as I love playing at Lakeside and if I had the opportunity I’d love to play there again. The Indigo I think it’s that step forward that sometimes you need to do.”

He also spoke about Jacklin returning; as well as the issues with the prize money and admitted himself that if he didn’t know what he was playing for, he would be in two minds also.

“It shows just the way the BDO is going. I like Des, I don’t think he’s a bad person but I mean after what happened with the World Championship, how do you do it again.”

He continued: “I don’t understand it, I can’t get my head round it.”

“I said to Jenny (his wife) I don’t think I’d play. You signed a contract stating what you are playing for and then to be told a couple of days before. It’s wrong you can’t do that.”

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Author: Samuel Gill