It seems that if you misbehave in a sports arena, it will come back to bite you, but sadly it has been the daughter of Gerwyn Price that has been attacked on social media after her dad’s outburst.

Now Price has appealed for help and while we agree his behaviour has been less than perfect attacking a child is despicable and not behaviour that should be tolerated as reports.
It has been a rise to fame in the darts world for the former rugby player, but some feel his attitude leaves a lot to be desired. From out of nowhere he has managed to secure seventh place in the world rankings which also saw his bank balance swell by £402,250 over just two seasons which is pretty impressive.
However, Price has been the subject of trouble when he received a £21,500 fine and a suspended ban for three months after his outbursts at the Grand Slam of Darts in November. It was not just other competitors that were not happy with the player, but he also received an unprecedented number of complaints from the public as reported by the Darts Regulation Authority. It was a spat with Gary Anderson during the final that caused the fine, but as Price rightly says, abuse aimed at his daughter is not appropriate.

Gerwyn Price Needs Help With Internet Trolls After Social Media Attack On Daughter.

Photo: Michael Cooper/PDC

Vile tweet

Emily, who is just 12 years old, had what has been described as a vile tweet about her father. The tweet which came from an account in the name of Harry Robertson said: “Sorry darling, but your dad is a numpty, a d**khead and will surely have a coronary if he acts like he does on the oche.” He later backtracked slightly by tweeting openly on his page “I’m a grade a prat for what I wrote but not intentionally as did not know her age. I said I am sorry to her mam what more can I say.”
Interestingly the social media platform does not allow accounts to be created by children younger than 13, so technically she should not have an account of her own, but even so, attacking family is not appropriate. Price was forced to defend her account saying “I think that it is unfair for you to say that it is irresponsible of me to let my daughter have social media” maintaining the account is closely monitored.
Price has asked his social media fans for help as he wants the as yet unknown person removed from Twitter. Of course, with social media, there is no way of knowing if this is a real name or a false name, but either way, Price would like help. “I mean come on my daughter is 12 years of age, I don’t mind the trolling myself I can take it like I do week after week, but this is not on what a pathetic human being if that’s what you can call him. Could I get some retweets and some followers to report this bloke and get him kicked off twitter? Much appreciated.”


Author: Pieter