Gerwyn Price has given his Premier League experience a lot of thought.

After an impressive season, the Welshman was granted his Premier League bow. But Price floundered, recording the worst Premier League campaign ever before being relegated, a week prior to Judgement Night. He was clear on his disdain for the tournament at the time. The Iceman has cooled off after a while, but remains true to his word.

“This time last year I was really buzzing that hopefully I was going to be in the Premier League,” Price said to Live Darts.

“I couldn’t wait until after the Worlds to see who was in it and I wanted to be in it, that was my main aim.

“I’ve experienced that now and personally, I don’t think it was for me.

“It was too much time away from home and too much time away from my family.”

As one of the top players in the game, and a natural entertainer, Price is in the running to be invited back. Though he didn’t enjoy the experience in 2018, the International Darts Open champion would be up for giving it another go in 2019.

“If that opportunity came along again I wouldn’t turn it down, but at the time I was playing in it, it wasn’t for me.

“Maybe next year if I’m in, it might be different.”

Kelly Deckers/PDC

Photo: Kelly Deckers/PDC


Author: Ed McCosh