Gerwyn Price continues his assault towards the World Grand Prix title, he plays Benito van de Pas tonight after dispatching Michael Smith in the opening round and the Iceman admitted he was a bit nervous in the match he won the other day and as a result he wants to improve his doubling from the start against van de Pas and also said about how anything can happen against a man who defeated him last year.

“I was a bit nervous,” admitted Price, who now faces Benito van de Pas. “I got a set up and then halfway through the second set I couldn’t gut anything, but thankfully I scraped over the line.

“My starting doubles were okay but my scoring wasn’t great so I want to improve that in the next round.

“Overall I’m happy, though, and hopefully I can push on from here now. Benito beat me last year but anything can happen on Wednesday.”

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Author: Samuel Gill