Nathan Girvan, at 16 years old, is already a two-time BDO world finalist.

No player has reached the showpiece Lakeside final more times than the Forfar-born youngster. Girvan was unlucky to come up against two darting revelations, Justin van Tergouw in 2017 and Leighton Bennett in January. The two defeats have only strengthened his resolve, and in an interview with BBC Sport Scotland Girvan made it clear what his one true aspiration is.
“Just to be world champion,” he asserted confidently.
“It’s all I want to get, that world title.
“If I keep going in the direction I’m going in, it’s more than possible.
“So I’ve just got to keep putting in the hard work, the effort, the practicing. Just got to keep that going, and hopefully the day will come when I’m holding the world title.”
Girvan, like many up-and-coming darts prodigies, was throwing tungsten from an early age. It sparked what the young Scot hopes will be a lifelong pursuit.
“I think I was about two, I had one of them magnetic dartboards. And ever since then I’ve just loved playing darts,” he said.
“I love watching it – I want to make darts a career.
“That’s my career path. I want to make a living off of it.”

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Author: Ed McCosh