Glen Durrant enters the PDC Grand Slam as a BDO player – maybe for the last time.

Through thick and thin, the two-time Lakeside champion has stuck with the BDO. But Durrant has pointed at dwindling attendances and demanded that change comes. Lakeside is a stable source of income for now, but the PDC continues to beckon.
“We play one main tournament a year; that’s Lakeside. The crowd and atmosphere is unbelievable and the Lakeside is something really special, but I won the World Darts Trophy this year in front of 29 people,” he told the Darts Show on Sky Sports.
“At the World Masters Final I played in front of 80-100 people and it’s just not good enough.
“Each time people say why do you stay in the BDO, why do you do this, but quite simply, each time I’ve won the Lakeside they’ve given me £100,000 for winning it and it’s not as if I’m guaranteed a Tour Card to go over.”

David Gill/DG Media

Photo: David Gill/DG Media

BDO overhaul

The BDO has undergone some major changes in recent months. For better or worse, the Teesside ace is glad that progress is being made.
“We’ve got a new chairman in place now in Des Jacklin. He’s put his strategic thoughts into how he sees the future of the BDO and he’s made some decisions immediately.
“We’ve got to put faith into what Des’ plans are for the future and so far what I’ve liked about what he’s done is that he’s made some difficult decisions, and decisions that haven’t really sat well with the players, but he’s not frightened of making decisions.
“I just hope now that strategically he has a business plan and moving forward I would love to see him work more with the PDC. If there’s ever a time we could unite it is now.”

PDC plans

The will-he-won’t-he Q-School debate has raged for some time. Durrant, who has struggled to come to a decision himself, has indicated that he’ll know for sure soon.
“I’ve got the decision now about Q-School. I’ve spent some time talking with work because I couldn’t be a PDC player and work as a housing manager, so things are in motion there, but people have heard this talk from me before,” he said.
Durrant faces a tricky task in the PDC Grand Slam this weekend. He meets 2018 Premier League stars Simon Whitlock and Gerwyn Price, as well as Andrew Gilding.
“I’m mega happy. I’m going into the Grand Slam as a very happy darts player and I think sometimes people would want me to be unhappy because I’m not playing in the PDC, but I’ve got a great life and I’m really looking forward to what the next few months bring.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Ed McCosh