Newly crowned BDO world champion Glen Durrant was the statistical top dog at the 2018 Lakeside championships.

However, there is one conspicuous absence from the list of top ten averages posted this year. Durrant’s 100.92 quarter-final average, posted in his 5-4 win over Jim Williams, was the top average of the tournament. It was also the first ton-plus average at the Lakeside since 2014. Following that was the 99.43 the Middlesbrough man managed against Darryl Fitton in the second round.

Durrant’s 96.61 from the semi-finals and the 95.29 posted in the first round were the fifth and seventh best respectively. But his final average of 93.97 did not make the list. The highest non-Durrant offering came from Darius Labanauskas. The Lithuanian notched up a 99.08 in his first round defeat to Scott Mitchell. He is third on the list, followed by the 98.70 average Mitchell required to beat him.

Mitchell’s 96.39, garnered in the second round loss against Andy Baetens, is in at six. Incidentally, Baetens’ winning average from that match was the tenth-highest. Wayne Warren is in eighth. He reached a 95.07 average when he knocked out Wesley Harms. Completing the list is Danny Noppert, whose 94.89 was the highest average of the preliminary round.

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Author: Ed McCosh