BDO or PDC, where will Glen Durrant be in 2019?

The two-time Lakeside champion has repeatedly contradicted himself over his future. After revealing plans to attend Q-School and try for a PDC Tour Card, Durrant changed his mind following his BDO World Championship win. Now, in a Live Darts interview, it appears that the Q-School dream is back on.

“I wish the BDO all the best moving forward, it’s fulfilled all my dreams,” said Durrant.

“Playing at Lakeside in a final is something really special and I don’t think much would ever top that.”

The BDO have made positive steps in recent days. The deal to show the BDO World Championship on Eurosport and Quest has ensured a future for their biggest event. And confirmation that the Lakeside will once again host the championships is a relief for Des Jacklin and his board. But the BDO may now be looking at a future without Durrant, arguably the best player on their roster, who once pledged to end his career in the code.

“I owe the BDO a lot and I just want them to succeed.”

“I’m still looking for challenges, I made the statement ‘BDO for life’ because the questions were just relentless,” Durrant admitted.

“Who knows what the future is? But the PDC and Q School is a definite option.

“I wish it wasn’t at times but I’m playing really good darts and the final challenge I guess would be the PDC.”

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Author: Ed McCosh