Adrian Gray recently regained his Tour Card after a few years off the main tour and reaching the top of the soft tip world. For Gray he sees it as finally all the hard work paying off and that he has really been putting the effort in recently.

‘The Conqueror’ was speaking in an interview with Live Darts; he said that despite being off the scene for some time, he knows what he is doing.
Also he is looking forward to testing his ability against the likes of fellow Hastings ace, Rob Cross and Michael van Gerwen.
“It’s a great feeling to be back on the tour and it shows all the hard work has paid off,” said Gray.
“I’ve been to Wigan a couple of times trying to get my card back but I felt good this year as compared to previous years.
“I’ve been putting the effort in and playing a lot of darts so I’ve felt really good and things went right for me.
“I’ve been off the scene for a long time in steel-tip but I know what I can do, and if it happens on the day then it’s all good.
“I know just being on the tour doesn’t mean I’m going to be the next Michael van Gerwen or Rob Cross but it gives me the chance to play against them and test my ability against them.”

Author: Samuel Gill