There was a surprise in the last 64 of the PDPA World Championship as Robbie Green crashed out. Youngster Ted Evetts defeated ‘Kong’ 5-3, and will face Ian Moss next in Milton Keynes. ‘The Muffin Man’ also went out, as Steve Hine lost 5-4 to Jeffrey de Graaf. Former World Youth champions Aaron Monk and James Hubbard also departed at the last 64 stage. Brendan Dolan, World Youth Championship runner-up Josh Payne, Ron Meulenkamp and Joe Murnan were among those who earned passage to the next round. Paul Nicholson was run close by Scott Taylor, but prevailed 5-4.
2008 world finalist Kirk Shepherd completed the last 32 line-up, as he defeated Mickey Mansell 5-3.
Last 64 results
Brendan Dolan 5-Coni Singh Nagi
Martin Lukeman 5-4 Ryan Palmer
Wayne Jones 5-3 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Alan Tabern 5-3 Jamie Bain
Ricky Evans 5-3 Steve Brown
Terry Temple 5-4 Aden Kirk
Josh Payne 5-1 John Bowles
Kurt Parry 5-4 Harry Ward
Jamie Lewis 5-0 Kevin Simm
Paul Nicholson 5-4 Scott Taylor
Mick McGowan 5-3 Mark Walsh
Nigel Birch 5-2 Ryan Harrington
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Stephen Burton
Ricky Nathan 5-1 Jamie Robinson
David Pallett 5-0 Lee Bryant
Mark Barilli 5-2 Alan Tabern Jnr
Chris Quantock 5-3 Gary Stone
Scott Dale 5-0 Nicholas Bloor
Barrie Bates 5-2 Andy Boulton
Kevin Garcia 5-1 Madars Razma
Nathan Aspinall 5-0 Andrew Gilding
Richard Baillie 5-0 Ritchie Edhouse
Ron Meulenkamp 5-1 James Hubbard
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Rob Hewson
Joe Murnan 5-1 Darron Brown
Jim Walker 5-2 Vincent Kamphuis
Jeffrey de Graaf 5-4 Steve Hine
Adrian Gray 5-3 Arron Monk
Ted Evetts 5-3 Robbie Green
Ian Moss 5-4 Ryan Murray
Luke Woodhouse 5-4 Dawson Murschell
Kirk Shephard 5-3 Mickey Mansell
Last 32
Brendan Dolan|Martin Lukeman
Wayne Jones|Alan Tabern
Ricky Evans|Terry Temple
Josh Payne – Kurt Parry
Jamie Lewis|-Paul Nicholson
Mick McGowan|Nigel Birch
Mark Dudbridge|Ricky Nathan
David Pallett|Mark Barilli
Chris Quantock – Scott Dale
Barrie Bates|Kevin Garcia
Nathan Aspinall –Richard Baillie
Ron Meulenkamp|Matthew Edgar
Joe Murnan|Jim Walker
Jeffrey de Graaf|Adrian Gray
Ted Evetts|Ian Moss
Luke Woodhouse|-Kirk Shepherd
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Author: Ed McCosh