Daryl Gurney won his first major title yesterday at the World Grand Prix. But after the tournament, there was more discussion about his behaviour during the final then about his fantastic performance.
The Northern-Irishman was heavily criticised for his antics on social media and even the PDC was not amused with his behaviour. Gurney received a warning from the tournament director during the game after a supposed physical contact with Simon Whitock. However, in his post-match interview ‘Superchin’ denied that he did this intentional.
”Maybe somebody thought I barged into him but I went round him. I’m not one of these players who needs to do anything like that. If it looked like that on TV, it’s possibly because it was head-on but I made sure that I walked around him. I’m not a player that needs to hack or play game tactics.”
”I like to play players at 110%. I want their best; I don’t want their B-game. I want their best. I’m not one of those players. I like to beat a player straight-up.”
”The only reason I probably took my time on the doubles was because the crowd were actually on Simon’s side. I don’t know if it sounded like that on TV but whenever I was going for doubles, the crowd was going mad.”
”They were booing, they really didn’t want me to hit the double. I thought Simon was the favourite, crowd-wise. The only time I really, really, really took my time was when the crowd was on my back.”


Author: Pieter