Daryl Gurney will take part in the Champions League of Darts this weekend with a charity headshave also set to take place during the tournament after his donation target was reached.

Gurney himself took part in the event promo previously at the Morningside Arena where he watched Leicester Riders, one of the best basketball teams in the country play and before it all begins, he spoke about wanting the tournament to stay there next year and become a real success.

He also discussed his group which many are coining the ‘Group of Death’ and he admitted that he will be happy just winning two games again this year.

‘I did the promo here and it was great. For the first time ever I saw basketball, I’d watched it on TV but for the first time ever I watched it for a full game and it was brilliant,’ said Gurney to Dartsnews.com.

‘Hopefully whatever happens this year, it can be a success and we can come back again next year.’

‘I was in the Group of Death last year with Van Gerwen, Anderson and Chizzy and I won two games so if I can win two games again I’ll be happy’

Cystic Fibrosis Head Shave

In terms of the head shave, Gurney added that it shows the outpouring of support not only for himself but darts as a whole that everyone has come out in force and he also answered whether or not he will keep shaving it.

‘It’s brilliant, it shows how big the fans are not only for me but for darts in general so thank you for everybody who has donated. Even if it was another player, they would have reached the target so it isn’t really about me it isn’t about the darts.’

‘Going to be going back to normal. I haven’t got much going for me barring my hair so when that grows back it’ll be a good day.’

‘The big day will be when I can put gel in it again,’ Gurney added.

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill