Daryl Gurney completed his charity head shave on Saturday night at the Champions League of Darts after his victory over Rob Cross.

Gurney did so for a Cystic Fibrosis charity in memory of his best friend Aaron McMenamin who passed away in 2017. Aaron’s parents were the ones who completed the shave and ‘Superchin’ reflected afterwards.

He said that it’s a relief to have it all over with now and that he can now throw the gel away. Also he said that it was great to have Aaron’s parents there to do it.

Gurney in addition set a goal for it to be grown back and that is the World Championship at the end of the year.

“It’s a relief that it’s over now but the support I’ve had has been incredible,” said Gurney. “I feel so different without my hair and I can throw the hair gel away, but it’s for a great charity.

“It would be great to reach £20,000 and I’d like to thank everyone who’s donated because it’s a charity very close to my heart. It was great to have Aaron’s parents in Leicester today too, because this has meant so much to us all.

“I’ll be trying to grow the hair back for the World Championship now. I’ve got a couple of months so hopefully I’ll have it back then!”

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Author: Samuel Gill