Daryl Gurney lost out to Rob Cross in the semi-finals of the World Matchplay with ‘Superchin’ having a potentially insurmountable lead before he fell away and lost to the tie in one of the most incredible comebacks ever seen on the Winter Gardens stage.

Gurney has reflected after that and called it 30 minutes of hell and admitted that is what costed him his shot at glory and another major title. He added that especially with Michael Smith not playing to his capability; it does make him think what could have been.

He added though that he doesn’t really want to dwell and that he wants to channel his frustrations into working even harder in future.

He told Live Darts: “It was definitely 30 minutes of hell that cost me the Matchplay title in my mind. I was in a great position and it’s not a nice feeling trust me.

“Then to see how Michael Smith played in the early stages of the final, it does make you think of what could have been.

“But I really do have to take this on the chin, you have to keep learning from mistakes. You learn more from defeat than victory.

“If anything I’m more annoyed with myself. I had worked so hard to get myself into a great position and then in a blink of an eye I threw all that hard work away.

“Fair play to Rob, he took his chance, there’s no charity at the top of darts and nor should there be any.

“Much of this game now is timing and being an opportunist and he certainly grabbed the chance I gave him with both hands.

“We have to move on now and deal with it. That’s history and I have to channel my frustration into working even harder.”

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Chris Dean/PDC

Photo: Chris Dean/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill