To prepare for the end of year spectacle that is the World Championships, many pros are turning to exhibitions to keep there game at the top level.
Faceoff is just one event of many that have happened recently. Taking place in Derbyshire, pros Phil Taylor, Daryl Gurney, James Wilson, Kevin Painter and Steve Beaton were joined by 5 amateurs and entertained a crowd of 600.
The evening panned out as follows, with Gurney taking the spoils over the soon to be retired Taylor. The Power, was fortunate to survive that far into the evening though, former tour card holder Darron Brown missed 2 match darts to win 4-1!
Preliminary Round:
Daryl Gurney 4-2 Harry Ward
Phil Taylor 4-0 Paul Wade
Steve Beaton 4-3 Ricky Sudale
Daryl Gurney 4-2 James Wilson
Kevin Painter 4-0 Craig Pitchers
Phil Taylor 4-3 Darron Brown
Semi final:
Daryl Gurney 4-2 Steve Beaton
Phil Taylor 4-2 Kevin Painter
Daryl Gurney 4-3 Phil Taylor

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Author: Jack Garwood