Andy Hamilton is a player who has competed in both codes and the former World finalist has released a lengthy statement in the wake of the drama at the BDO World Masters.

The World Masters was fraught with multiple big names not playing; as well as the draw being re-drawn and also players were forced to sign a contract; which stated they will not compete in December’s PDC World Championship; if they qualified for either the World Masters or BDO World Championship.

He said that there has been issues with every major; as well that the event highlighted a lot of issues in the BDO.

‘The Hammer’ said that there is a clear lack of communication; between the board, the players and the fans and that if this is addressed, it could help everything.

‘There have been times over the past 18 months where I felt that a lot of things could be improved and I am fully aware that people are working hard to do this, but sometimes it is just needed that the simple things are done right first,” said Hamilton in a statement.

‘There has been issues with every major – the 2019 World Championship, World Trophy, World Masters and so far the 2020 World Championship is looking like it could be added to the list, however there is still time to save this one. The Grand Slam is a different matter altogether.

‘I feel that the event held yesterday was one that highlighted a lot of the issues the BDO has.

‘Yes I didn’t qualify for the television stages of the event but this isn’t why I have written this, I was beaten fair and square by someone who played better.

‘I just wanted to share my opinions and thoughts of some of the ongoings that players face within the BDO. There is a clear lack of communication between the board, the players and the fans, this is something simple that could be changed that could really help the BDO game.

‘Moving forward I really do hope that for every player’s sake (not just my own) that things in the BDO can be ironed out, we all deserve better, whether professional players or just starting out in the game.

‘By communicating with players and asking for help and advice, I’m sure this can be achieved.’

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Author: Samuel Gill